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The FCA has published a discussion document, transforming culture in financial services – driving purposeful cultures. This initiative represents a key opportunity for professionals to create higher standards within their sector, and to influence the way it is regulated in the process.

The collection features a key essay on professionalism, written by the Chartered Bodies Alliance, which you can find here:

Strengthening purpose in financial services

It also features essays on Banking, Retail Investments and Insurance by each of the Chartered Alliance members. You can find these essays here:

Insurance – a purpose for the profession

Embedding and reinforcing purpose in retail banking

Restoring trust – the case for the retail financial services industry to rethink its purpose


Press release – Alliance agrees “UK-Singapore” partnership on financial services

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Breaking Statement (June 2019)

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Press release – our response to the Banking Standard Board [BSB] Consultation on the Certification Regime: Regulatory References

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Press release – 200,000 financial professionals call for an enhanced new FCA Directory

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Press release – Alliance challenges FCA to do more to support professionalism in UK financial services

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Press release – Antony Jenkins and the Chartered Body Alliance call for the benefits of AI to be shared more widely

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Upcoming Alliance event – Ethics and Professionalism in a Digital Era

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Press release – Alliance welcomes discussion with FCA on the extension of SMCR

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Press release – Regulators, firms and professional bodies urged to work together to close information loopholes

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New research confirms Chartered Banker Professional Standards Board is driving professionalism in banking

Read article Posted on 27.06.2017

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