Press release – Antony Jenkins and the Chartered Body Alliance call for the benefits of AI to be shared more widely

Antony Jenkins and the Chartered Body Alliance call for the benefits of AI to be shared more widely 

Speaking this morning at a Chartered Body Alliance event (1) to discuss the many ethical questions raised by the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in financial services, Antony Jenkins, Founder of 10x Future Technologies and former CEO of Barclays, said: “AI’s biggest impact could be on the world of work. As automation gathers pace, it’s not clear that there will be enough new jobs to replace those that are lost. We urgently need to be having a wider conversation to ensure that the benefits of AI are shared widely, and don’t cause further inequalities.”

Antony also shared his insights into how the financial services profession should respond to a technology-led future. He emphasised the need for non-technical financial services professionals to be curious about developments in AI and new digital technologies, and how they are being deployed not just in financial services.

Notes to Editors:

  1. Speaking alongside Antony Jenkins at this breakfast event at the America Square Conference Centre in London, was his colleague Dr Emma Byrne, Head of Advanced and AI-Informed Data Analytics at 10x Banking.


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